Golden Retrievers' Kennel "Bohemian Golden Smile"

We are a small kennel based in beautiful West Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Our kennel is located in Pilsen, near lakes and forests, in a family house surrounded by a large garden. Because we like animals one day we decided to get a dog. We surfed without knowledge on the Internet and came across the pages of “z Vraclavských lesů a luk, a Golden Retrievers’ Kennel. After meeting the breeder, her family and Annie’s mother Kely, the final decision was made immediately! We were very lucky, we got an amazing member of the family, female Annie and great friends.

We have started training obedience with Annie. We participated in local training, but also travelled for training to a part of Czech Republic named Vysočina. There is great retriever breeder and well- known trainer who has taught us a lot.  But the most important for us was, that we could also see Annie´s mum, the breeder’s family and their dogs during the training there. Annie’s reactions have always been touching when she saw her mother Kely, her siblings and breeders family after a while. You could see how happy she is, she knows everyone, so we are still participating in Vysočina trainings and visiting the breeder’s family. This training and visits are great relaxation for us too and  also Annie can have fun with children, siblings and continue to practice her skills.

We never thought that we would start training our dog in hunting, going in the shows and Canistherapy. We had never considered having a kennel. But we have met a very nice family in the kennel where Annie was born and from then we have been absolutely amazed by dogs. Annie has convinced us every day more and more about how clever and what good company she is. After receiving great health results, passing the Canistherapy exams, Annie has definitely convinced us! We started to train hunting skills much more and participate in exhibitions in order to meet the conditions for breeding. All the conditions were met and we are proud to announce that the  Golden Retrievers’ Kennel “Bohemian Golden Smile” was established. The name Bohemian represents that we are from West Bohemia, located in Czech Republic, and Golden Smile represents Golden Smiling Annie.

Kennel certificate